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For any website of The News And Times Information Network:

Ad Space 5: $25 per month per website, Ad Space 6: $20 per month per website. 

Embedding the Twitter ad or the Twitter timeline, in any position as the sidebar widget: $50 per website per month. 

Send further inquiries, indicating the desired location (for example, “Advertising Space 6 –”) and the copy of the ad you wish to place via The News And Times Contact Form here or on any of the web sites you are interested in advertising. 

You can also use the same Contact Form on any of the websites or blogs: Contact Form at The News And Times

You will be billed upon the acceptance of your ad, the payment can be made via safe and secure Stripe Payment Pages. 

You can also make a donation, of any amount, which will be greatly appreciated, it will help to maintain and improve The News And Times websites in their mission to serve to the public the objective, timely, balanced, and truthful reports and summaries of the news. Thank you. 

Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova), blogger (BingGoogle)

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